10 reasons why sex is better than work

10 reasons why sex is better than a joke

10.Everybody likes sex & nobody likes work, except virgins & only because they havent had sex yet

9. sex moans, licks,throbs,pumps ect.,work just sucks

8. after sex you feel like smoking a cigarette after work you feel like smoking something a lot stronger

7.you only get punished during sex if you want to

6.drinking drives people to sex, work drives people to drink

5. sex rlieves stress, work is the cause of stress

4. nothing beats the hands on experence you get with sex

3. after sex you feel as if you accomplished something.

2. sex is quicker than work. at work you have to stay for at least 8 hours

1. with sex you atleast have a choice whether or not you want sex. at work you employers fuck you regardless.

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