14th hole

A keen but unskilled golfer plays the same course every week, and has particular trouble with the water trap on the 14th hole, losing a ball in it every time he plays that hole. One round he decides that this process is too expensive and decides to use an old cut-up ball instead of a good ball. He opens his bag and gets the old ball, tees it up and addresses it. Just as he commences his backswing, a mighty voice comes from on high: USE THE NEW BALL… Figuring any advice from such a source should be worth following, he picks up the old ball and tees up the new one again. He starts his backswing, but once again is interrupted by a voice from the sky: TAKE A PRACTICE SWING.. The man steps away from the ball and rehearses his swing. Just as he steps forward to readdress the ball, the voice speaks again: USE THE OLD BALL.

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