A guy rings neighbors doorbell & a lovely blonde woman answers the door.

Is Ed here? he asks.

Yes, but hes in the shower, she says.

I really need to see him but I am in quite a rush, and I can only wait a couple of minutes, he says. As he waits, he continues, being your neighbor, it might be wrong of me to say so, but my dear… you have the loveliest rack. Ive got $100 if youll show me.

Oh Mike, that is so wrong. On the other hand, we sure could use the money, she says as she pulls up her top.

Wow! That was worth every cent, but beyond that you also have the cutest ass Ive ever seen. Ill give you another $100 to show me the rest of your stuff.

Oh Mike, thats awful but Eds in the shower so he wont know and another $100 really would help around here, she says, dropping her shorts.

Well I gotta go. Tell Ed I stopped by, OK? Mike leaves, and a few minutes later Ed gets out of the shower and asks, Who was at the door?

Just Mike, she says.

Mike, huh? Did he have the 200 bucks he owes me?

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