3 men hired – Polish, black and chinese man

One day this factory foreman hired 3 guys – a Polish fellow named Stosh, a black guy named Calvin and a Chinese man named Ling.

When it came to handing out work assignments, he said Stosh, you take care of that machine over there. Make sure it has proper materials going it at all times and inspect each finished piece coming out.

Handing Calvin a broom, he said Calvin, make sure this place is clean at all times. Sweep up anything that falls on the floor.

So Ling asked what HE was supposed to do and the foreman said Youre in charge of supplies and went back to his office.

A little while later, he emerged from behind his desk to see how his new charges were doing.

Stosh was busily tending his machine and Calvin was sweeping up every piece of litter in sight. But he did not see Ling anywhere.

He went back to the warehouse – no Ling.

He checked the receiving area – no Ling!

He even went into the mens room – still no Ling!

In desperation he was going back to his office to call personnel to inform them he had lost a new employee when out from behind a stack of boxes jumped Ling yelling…


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