3 rooms in hell

A woman appeared in front of Satan at the gates of hell.

Oh, I know *you* he said. Youre that wench who tempted all those men in room 1 into adultery.

Thats me, the lass said with a sway of her hips.

Look, said Satan, Youre obviously a beautiful young woman. What are you doing here so soon?

Well, its a sad story. You see, one of the unlucky wives caught me in bed with her husband. She pulled out a gun and aimed for him and hit me instead.

How unfortunate. Seeing as how youve given obvious pleasure to many people and were deprived of continuing this noble pursuit by accident, Ill give you a choice of three rooms to spend eternity.

In the first room were countless criminals, hung by their thumbs.

Lets see the second room.

The second room was even worse, countless lawyers hung by their toes.

Please let me see the third room!

She glanced in to see young, attractive people of both sexes standing around drinking coffee. But they were standing in a foot of manure.

Wow, these are my kind of people! And despite what their standing in, they seem to be having a good time.

you sure? These are all gigolos and prostitutes.

WOW! My kind of people. Let me in!

She was admitted, the door closed, and a low voice called out: Coffee breaks over! Back on your heads!

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