3 Wishes

An American, Australian and Englishman where stranded together on a desert island. After many years together, one day the three men were walking on the beach when they saw an old bottle than had been washed up. Immediatley the American opened the bottle. There was a flash and a loud bang and a Genie appeared. The Genie said I have been trapped in that bottle for a 1000 years, and as a reward I will give you all one wish

The American straight away said I want to go back home to New York

With a wave of the Genies hand, the American disappeared.

The Australian said Please send me back to my home in Sydney

No Problem, the Genie answered. And the Austrialian disappear.

Suddenly there was a loud crash. Behind the Genie and the Englishman, a giant pink elephant had just fallen out of the sky onto the beach. The elephant picked himself up and looked around. He then looked at the Genie and the Englishman and said apologetically, Sorry chaps, I appear to be the wrong joke!

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