A black man, a frenchman and a polack at a farm (racial / adult)

One day there were three men walking down the street. One was black, one was French, and one was Polish.

As they walked by a farm, a farmer stopped them and asked if theyd like to take a test to win his daughters hand. Being game, they all said, Why the hell not?

Good, the farmer said. He then explained to them that they would have to jump over a fence (electric), get through some mud (quick-sand), and fuck his cow.

The black man went first. He only got as far as the fence, but he got a permanent set of Dred-Locks!

Next, the French man went. He just barely jumped the fence when he sloshed right into the quicksand. He screamed, Help! Help, mes amis! The farmer quickly stuck his foot on the poor Frogs head.

Finally it was the Polacks turn. He jumped the fence with ease, got through the quicksand with the help of the Frogs slightly liquified head, and then proceeded to screw the cow.

The farmer, being amazed at all this, decided hed give the guy some land along with his daughter.

So, the farmer said, are you ready to marry my 19-year-old daughter and get some of my farm?

Well, sir, the Polack nervously replied, Id love to take the land, but could I please keep the cow?

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