A Jewish Restaurant

A gentile once wandered into a Jewish restaurant and ordered roast chicken.

The waiter said, Take my advice and have the boiled beef today.

No thank you. I want the roast chicken

Listen to me. The roast chicken is not for you. Have the boiled beef

What is this? Dont you suppose I know what I want? Bring me the roast chicken at once! The diner was getting mad.

I will not do that. I know better than you what you want.

Look, said the diner striking the table a resounding blow, get me the manager!

The manager drawn by the noise, came bustling over. What the hell is going on here?

The waiter turned to him and said, Listen. This guy didnt come here to eat. He came here to give me an arguement.

From Asimov Laughs Again, an absolutely wonderful book full of jokes and anecdotes from the Good Doctor.

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