A Muslim In Heaven

A Muslim dies and goes to heaven. When he gets there, St. Peter meets him at the gate and says, Welcome to heaven my son, please enter!

The Muslim says Oh no, no, I cannot enter without seeing Allah. St. Peter says, Oh… Allah. He is upstairs.

The Muslim says, Well of course, Allah is upstairs! He climbs upstairs and meets Jesus.

Jesus says Welcome to heaven my child, please enter! And the Muslim says Oh no, no, with all due respect, I cannot enter without seeing Allah.

Jesus says But of course…Allah is upstairs, top floor.

The Muslim smiles and thinks to himself, Of course, Allah is on top of heaven itself because He is most high!

At the final gate he meets the all mighty Lord himself who says Welcome to heaven my child, please enter.

As expected, the Muslim says he cannot enter without meeting Allah, to which the Lord replies I understand, my child…Allah is here. But he is busy right now. Why dont you have a seat and wait for him?

The Muslim is so excited that his Allah is so important, after all he always believed this was so. The Lord says to the Muslim Why you must be parched, would you like a drink?

The Muslim says, Yes, I would like a drink. I would like that very much.

And the Lord asks, Would you like a Coke?

The Muslim says Yes, that sounds good, thank you.

The Lord says, It does indeed. I think Ill join you.

And with that the Lord snapped his fingers and said, Allah, bring two cokes!

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