A rogue guide dog has

A rogue guide dog has been destroyed after leading four of its blind owners
to their deaths.

Charity workers were last night facing an investigation into how
four-year-old Labrador Gamer was allowed to continue his murderous spree.
Officials have admitted how:
Victim Nunmber 1 was dragged under the wheels of a bus.

Victim Nunmber 2 drowned when she was led off the end of a pier.

Victim Nunmber 3 was shoved into the path of a speeding train.

Victim Nunmber 4 was left stranded as a truck mowed him down.

Trainer Rudi Jones, 48, told newsmen in South Africa:
He was basically a good dog who needed brushing up on his skills.Its so
sad that he had to be put down.

Gamers terror trail began with the death of 43-year-old Selmer Draznower
from Johannesburg. Witnesses told how Gamer dragged his master under the
wheels of an approaching bus before scampering off.

Amazingly, Gamer was then given to 68-year-old Wilma Hassamore who survived
just three months after his arrival. Gamer decided to cut short her
seaside holiday by leading her off the end of a pier. The dog pulled back
at the last second but Wilma plunged into the sea and drowned.

Next was Marvin Wurtenheim, 28, who thought his prayers had been answered
when Gamer arrived. But the misguided mutt butted Marvin off a railway

Unbelievably, the dog was then given to retired Clarence MacDuff, 67, also
from Johannesburg. As Gamer was guiding the unlucky Clarence to his doctor,
the hapless hound dragged him under the wheels of a delivery truck.

A spokesman for the Guide Dogs For The Blind Association, in Durban, South
Africa, said: We had no choice but to have him put down.

Last night, the chief trainer for Britains Guide Dogs For The Blind
Association, Bob Steele, said: This could never happen here. If there are
any doubts about the animal, it is dropped from our training programme at

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