A Smart Salesman!

A neatly dressed salesman stopped a man in the street and asked –

Sir, would you like to buy a a bottle of this mouthwash for $200.00?

Aghast, the man said, are you NUTS?, thats robbery!

The salesman seemed hurt and then tries again –

Sir, since you are a bit irate, Ill sell it to you for 1/2 price at $100.00?

Again, the man replies bluntly – you must be crazy pal, now go away!

The salesman then reaches into his briefcase and pulls out 2 brownies and begins munching away on one of them. He tells the irate guy –

Sir, please share one of my brownies since I have annoyed you so much.

Unwrapping the brownie, the guy takes a bite; suddenly, the guys spits it out and says:

HEY, he snarled, this brownie tastes like crap!!!

It is, replied the salesman. Wanna buy some mouthwash?

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