A Tallahassee area mortician had

A Tallahassee area mortician had a new apprentice who was learning the
embalming ropes. He walked into the embalming room where a cadaver was
lying on the table.

Thinking he knew enough now to begin the procedure without his boss,
he began examining the body. He rolled it over and to his amazement
there was a cork in its ass. Mystified, he pulled it out, and
immediately heard, the Florida State Chop song come out the guys butt.

Startled by what had happened, he shoved the cork back into the
cadaver and ran up the stairs to find his mentor. Sir, youve got to
come down and help me, Ive just seen something I cant believe.

Annoyed by the naivet of his assistant, he said OK and followed him
downstairs. There, look at the cork in the ass of that body, I
couldnt imagine what it was doing there so I pulled it out. Please
you do it.

The mortician was a bit surprised to see the cork, too, so he walked
to the table and removed the cork. Then the Florida State Chop song
started playing.

Exasperated, he replaced the cork in its appointed position, turned to
his assistant and said: Whats so surprising about that. Ive heard
thousands of assholes sing that song.

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