A Trip To Victoria Secret

A man goes to Victoria Secret to buy his wife the
most sheer lingerie he can find. The woman behind the
counter goes and gets an outfit. This is $200, she says.
I want one thats more sheer, says he.
This one is $350.
I want it even more sheer than that.
This one is the most sheer that we have. Its $500.
Ill take it! The man goes home to his wife and shows it to her saying, Go put this on and come down to model it for me.
His wife goes upstairs, opens the box and
thinks, This thing is so see-through that the old coot wont even notice if Im wearing it or not. I can take this back for a refund and he wont know the difference. So his wife comes out wearing nothing at all and
strikes a pose at the top of the stairs. So, how do you like it? she asks.
Her husband then complains, Darn, youd think for $500 theyd iron the dang thing!

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