Ads Create History In the Making

From the SF Chronicle Personals Column, Friday, February 9th:

Advertising Ages Lenore Skenazy asked readers to come up with
imaginary ads to brazenly exploit a solemn site, such as the recent
rash of ads featuring the Berlin Wall. An excerpt:

The Washington Monument is the setting. The line: Dont be the father
of your country. Trojan condoms.
Russians filing by Lenins tomb are shown. The line: Liked our
leader? Youll love Vlasic dills. Theyre pickled in glass, too!
A man standing near the eternal flame at JFKs grave lights a cigarette.
The line: Bic. Only one flame lasts longer.
The setting is a manger in Bethlehem, with a radiant glow around the
babys cradle. The line, as said by Mary (looking upward): I said a Bud

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