Alligator Shoes

One day a blonde lady went to a local Florida Department Store to buy a pair of alligator shoes. As she was looking at a very nice pair of shoes she noticed the very expensive price. She didnt have enough to pay for the shoes, and she was outraged. She marched right up to the counter and told the clerk exactly what she thought of him.

She left very angrily, but on her way out she made a comment to the clerk and in that comment she said,With prices like these I should just go out buy me a gun and kill my own alligators.

the clerk replied very sarcastically,Good Luck!

The clerk went on with his day not even thinking about the lady that came in early.

As he was locking up to go home at the end of the day something caught his eye. There in the swamp was the lady waist deep with a gun in her hand. At that moment something else caught his eye, off to the left about 25 yards away was an alligator swimming right towards her.

The man started jumping up and down screaming at her trying to get her attention. She turned seen the alligator took aim and shot.

She drug it to shore where there was about eight other alligators laying dead on their backs.

Then she flipped it over too and said,damn this one is not wearing shoes either.

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