An airline pilot with a PR problem

A friend of a friend, who is an airline copilot, told the following stories about a captain with whom he often flew. This man was an excellent pilot, but not very good at making passengers feel at ease.

For example, one time the airplane preceeding him blew a tire on landing, scattering chunks of rubber all over the runway. He was asked to hold descent while the trucks came out and cleaned up. His announcement to the passengers:

Ladies and gentlemen, Im afraid there will be a short delay before our arrival. Theyve closed the airport while they clean up whats left of the last airplane that landed there.

Then there was the time they were flying through turbulence. Some of the passengers became alarmed at how much the wings were bending in the rough air, and one of the flight attendants relayed their concern to the captain. His announcement to the passengers:

Ladies and gentlemen, Ive been informed that some of you have noticed our wings bending in the turbulence. In fact, the flight attendant told me that the wing tips are bending as much as ten feet in the bumps. Well, thats perfectly normal; theres nothing to worry about. Our wings are designed to bend as much as thirteen feet at the tips and, as you can see, were nowhere near that yet.

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