An Alien walks into a bar…

An Alien walks into a bar, goes up to the bartender and pokes him in the shoulder, all the while making a noise like Meeeeeeep. The bartender looks at him and is really weirded out.

He turns around and the alien pokes him in the shoulder again and says Meeeeeeep The bartender is really pissed now and says to the Alien, Dude, next time you do that, Im gonna take you outside and rip your dick off!

The alien obiously doesnt understand and pokes the bartender again and says Meeeeeeeep. The bartender is so pissed, that he picks him up by the collar of his space suit and draggs him outside to the empty lot and jerks down the Aliens pants.

But, the Alien doesnt have human anatomy and has nothing there to rip off. The bartender is so surprised that he asks, Well, if you dont have a dick, how do you have sex? The alien just looks at him, pokes him in the shoulder and says Meeeeeeep

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