Animal Thoughts

After watching that imbecile on television who claims to know what common household pets are thinking, it was decided that we too, would do the impossible…Dog They keep putting the lid down on the big water bowl.Goldfish Just because I have a three-second memory, they dont think Ill mind eating the same fish flakes over and over…………… Oh boy! Fish flakes!Dog Man, why do they keep rubbing my nose in it? I already KNOW whose it is!Goldfish The knight never comes out of the castle to fight me for dominion over the fish tank. So I must continue patrolling, for I am lord and master!Parrot Tease, tease, tease! But do those greedy clowns ever really give me a cracker? HELL NO!Cat Why are these people in my house?Dog I dont care if you take the jewelry or money, but dont mess with the fridge.Goldfish Oh, tap-tap-tap! Theres a new one!Cat I wish he would stop kicking me down the stairs.Dog The pretending to throw a stick game is getting old, but I seem unable to stop myself from looking for it.Cat Why did they put this service bell on my neck if theyre not going to answer to it.Dog Why is the baby eating my food…Hamster Kill me, this wheel is boring.Gerbil OH NO, not again!Dog I bet if he could do that, he wouldnt be telling me to stop.Cat Oh no, hes picking me up to do another land on all fours off the balcony test again.

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