Another deathbed joke

A man was in his bed dying, slipping in and out of consciousness, and his wife came into the room with his doctor and the parish priest.

Mrs. Kelleher, you realize that the bill for my services is $1000, the doctor said.

Fine, Ill see to it that its paid from the insurance.

And, dont forget, Doreen, the funeral and casket will cost $1000, the priest said.

Dont worry, Father, Ill see to it that youre paid as well.

The three walked over to the bed and the doctor stood on one side of the man and the priest stood on the other. He opened his eyes and saw the two men there, and said, Father, would you tell the people at my funeral that I died as Jesus died?

Do you mean pure of heart and poor in spirit, Tom?

No, I mean between two thieves.

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