AOL christmas

The new University of Georgia Campus Phone books arrived last month, with an AOL start up disk attached to each book. Now, thousands of AOL diskettes exist on the University campus, with most students at a loss as to what they can do with them. Here are a few suggestions given by a fellow UGA student …

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Question: So what do you guys do with the AOL promo discs that seem to be everywhere? What can you do? Ive got about 3 of them now, and dont really want to throw them away. Thanks!

Ans the answer:

Use them as coaters at your christmas parties and social occasions.

Decorate the tree with them. Also useful for this are promotional CD-ROMs.

Tile your bathroom walls! They also make an attractive and functional kitchen countertop.

Give them to kids as frisbees.

Subscribe to AOL! Wait a sec, what am I thinking? Nevermind that one, weve got MUSIC.

For those of you celebrating Haunakkah (sp?), drive nail through center: Instant Dredel!

Chew toys for the dog.

Make a mobile for over the babys crib: Motion of info-packed magnetic media fosters early intellectual activity in the developing mind.

Post-it-notes? Forget it! AOL disks are much more durable, cheaper and readily available.

Send them as Christmas gifts to your worst enemies!

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