Three hang-glider pilots, one from New Zealand, one from South Africa, and the other from Australia, are sitting around a campfire near Ayers Rock embroiled in a conversation of bravado.

Andy, from Australia, says, I must be the meanest an toughest hang-glider dude there is, maan. Shit, just the other day, I landed in a field on top of a croc who got loose from the swamp an had ate six men before I wrestled it to the ground an snapped its neek with me bare hands.

Jaapie, from South Africa, couldnt stand to be bettered. While the froth at the corner of Andys mouth settled, he stood up and said, Well you guys leesin to this. After a 300 km flight, I landed in the middle of the desert and a five-metre Namibian desert snake came at me from under a rock. I grebbed thet bastard with mar bare hands and beet its head off end sucked its poison down in one go. End Im still here today.

The Kiwi remained silent, slowly poking the fire with his dick.

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