Back to Earth

A Bengali, Marwari and Gujrati get into a carwreck. Upon arrival at the heaven Gates, Chitragupt informs them that it is not their time, they were not supposed to die yet.
He offers them a deal, You give me 20 Rs, and Ill let you go back down and live the rest of your lives out.
The Bengali says, Fair enough, and hands Chitragupt twenty. Back on earth at the accident scene, he sits bolt upright, shocking the paramedics that had just pronounced him dead. They all gather around to ask him what happened.
Well, it wasnt my time, so I paid 20 bucks and he let me come back from the dead. Noticing the other victims remained lifeless, the paramedics ask why they didnt also take chitragupt up on his offer.
The Bengali rolls his eyes and says, Oh, the Marwari is trying to talk him down to Rs 12.50, and the Gujju is waiting for the Government to pay for it.

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