Bad News, Good News, Great News…

The day after a man lost his wife in a scuba diving accident, he was greeted by two grim-faced policemen at his door.

Were sorry to call on you at this hour, Mr. Jones, but we have some information about your wife.

Well, tell me! the man said.

The policeman said, We have some bad news, some good news, and some really great news.

Which do you want to hear first?

Fearing the worse, Mr. Jones said, Give me the bad news first.

So the policeman said, Im sorry to tell you, sir, but this morning we found your wifes body in the San Francisco Bay.

Oh my god! said Mr. Jones, overcome by emotion.

Remembering what the cop had said, he asked, So whats the good news?

Well, said the cop, when we pulled her up she had two five-pound lobsters and a dozen good size Dungeoness crabs on her.

If thats the good news, then whats the great news!?! he asked.

And the cop replied…

Were going to pull her up again tomorrow morning!

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