Believe In Genies?

A married couple were golfing in thier front yard. The guy hits two balls and one of them lands in the window across the street. The girl did not notice. She went up to the T and she hit the same window in the same house. The girl felt guilty and said to the husband to get say sorry. They went to the house and knocked on the door, but no one answered, the door just flew open. They made their way up stairs to where their balls had it. When they opened the door a genie-like man was standing there. He said When your golf ball hit you hit my lamp and set me free. for this I give you 3 wishes The man said I want a mansion the genie replied Your mansion is built in your old house The girl sais I want to be richest person alive The gnie replied all of the money you want is in your mansion For the third wish they wished to be famous. The genie replied you are now famous. The couple was all happy now. They were walking out the genie asked them if he can have something in return for giving them all the nice stuff. The Man said like what. can I sleep with you life for one night. The man said yes with no regrets. The guy sat outside for an hour waiting for his wife. When they were finished the Genie said And you still believe in Genies?

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