Big Bomber

Three men (an Aussie, an Irish bloke and a German fella) are in an old plane trying to make it around the world. As they pass Germany, the German fella yells, I love my country! and throws a bag of gold overboard.

When they pass Ireland, the Irish bloke shouts, I love my country! and throws a bag of silver overboard.

When they pass Australia, the Aussie yells, I hate my country! and he throws a bomb overboard.

They finished their flight soon thereafter. When the German gets back to his country, he walks along happily until he sees a small boy crying. Whats wrong? he asks. Can I help?

The little boy cries, A bag of gold hit my mother on the head, and now shes unconscious in the hospital. The German walks away, feeling sorry for the little fella.

When the Irish bloke gets to his country, he sees a little girl crying in the street, and he asks her whats wrong. The little girl replies, My mother got hit on the head with a bag of silver, and now shes in the hospital. The Irish bloke walks off in shame.

When the Aussie gets back, he finds a little boy in the street laughing like a maniac. Whats so funny? the Aussie asks.

The little boy gasps, My dad and I were out gardening, and my dad cut such a huge fart that it blew up the house!

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