One day these 3 friends went hunting in the forest. As they are walking along they are ambushed by a primative tribe. They were all taken back to the camp and one by one tied to three seperate trees.

Then the big chief comes out of his toupee and stares each guy in the face, he then turns to the tribe and says Death or Bongo.

There is a fierce uproar and the tribe begins to chant Bongo,Bongo,Bongo!

The chief then turns to the men and asks the first one Death or bongo?

The first man replys I dont like the sound of death so it will have to be bongo

So 10 men come out of the tribe and begin to bugger him up the arse!!

The chief then turns to the second man and asks the same question.

he replys, slightly hesitant through bongo

so 30 men come and bugger him up the arse!!

The third man,who is now quite distressed decided that he would rather die than be subjected to this horrible ordeal.

So the chief asks him Death or Bongo?

death!! he said I would rather die then have Bongo!!

The chief then smiled and replyed

so be it, DEATH………BY BONGO!

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