A 7 year old boy and his 4 year old brother are upstairs in their bed room. The 7 year old is explaining that it is high time that the two of them begin swearing. When his little brother responds enthusiastically, the 7 year old says, When we go down stairs for breakfast this morning, Ill say Hell and you say ass. The 4 year old happily agrees.

As the two boys are seating themselves at the breakfast table, their Mother walks in and asks her older son what he would like to eat for breakfast. The 7 year old replies, Ah hell, mom, Ill just have some Cheerios.

WHACK! The surprised mother reacts quickly. The boy runs upstairs, bawling and rubbing his behind. With a sterner voice, the mother then asks the younger son, And what would YOU like for breakfast? I dont know, the 4 year old blubbers, but you can bet your ass its not gonna be Cheerios.

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