Brown Balls

The father of 17 kids goes to the docs with a rash on his belly.

All right says the Doc, drop em and lets have a look.

Having been confronted with the evidence the Doc exclaims Yes, youve got a bad rash there, but my word, what brown balls youve got. Theyre truly remarkable!.

The patient is a bit embarrassed and says Look Doc, what about the rash?

Oh thats easy, said the Doc, Heres some cream to rub on. By the way, those brown balls are amazing, my I ask…..

No, said the patient, You cant. Now, is that all Doc?

Well, said the Doctor, You could stop the rash coming back with a bit better hygiene. Tell your wife you need clean underpants every day, and those really are the brownest balls Ive ever seen!

The guy goes home and tells his wife that the Doctor says he needs clean underpants every day.


she yells, Clean underpants every day, and me with 17 kids to chase after! Seventeen kids to wash, feed, clothe, get to school, tidy after, and you want clean underpants every day? You must be bloody joking, I havent even got time to wipe my arse!

Ah he said, And thats another thing I wanted to talk to you about…

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