Cake Anyone?

A man was sitting with a few beers watching T.V.

When his wife came home she opened the door to the house and said to her husband Honey could please fix this door, its gonna fall off. He replied Do I look like I have Mitre10 on my head

She said nothing. Later she asked him to fix the ladder so she could change the light bulb and he said Do I look like I have HandyMan on my head?.

Then she asked if he could wash the car and he said to her Do I look like I have Shell Service station on my head?

He became so mad he said Im sick of you, get out of my way – Im going to the pub.

When he came home late that night he noticed the door, light and car had all been fixed.

How did you do that? he asked his wife.

She told him that when she had been sitting on the doorstep crying when he left and a nice man asked if he could help her. She told him what had happened and he said that all she had to do for payment was bake him a cake or have sex with him.

Her husband asked What kind of cake did you make

To which she replied Do I look like I have BettyCrocker on my head?

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