Clintons clock

It all starts off one day when Hillary Clinton dies and she goes to heaven.

When she finally gets up there she sees over a million clocks around heaven, so she asks one of the angels why are there so many clocks up here?

The angel says each clock has a name on it and the name of that person is still in earth, when that person lies the clock ticks one second.

So Hillary said OK.

Then she asked if she could check out some famouse peoples clocks, the angel said ok.

So they went around heaven and they saw different peoples clocks, and of course once and a while they would go and turn one full second.

So about 10 minutes later she asks may I see my husbands clock?

The angel says sorry its upstairs with Jesus.

Hillary says why?

The angel replies he was getting pretty hot so he took it with him to use it as a fan.

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