Collection of Yo Mama Jokes

Yo Mama is so dumb that when somebody said it chilly out side she went to get herself a spoon with a bowl!

ya mama so dumb she took a pencil to the NBA Finals

Yo mama is so fat that the only way your dad could get her though the door is by holding a twinky in front of it!!!

your momma is so stupid she sat on her tv and watched her couch

yo mama is like rotten milk, white and chunky

Yo mommas so fat that when she she wears red everyone yells Hey Kool-Aid!

Yo mama is like a hamburger, all full of fat and only worth $1!

Yo mamas so fat when her beeper went off people thought she was backing up!

Yo mamas so fat she can sell shade

Yo mamas so fat they had to baptize her at Sea World

Yo mamas so fat the shadow of her butt weights 50 pounds

Yo Mama is so ugly her isp shut down her internet account when she appeared on webcam.

yo mamma is soooo fat she tried to get to wal mart stumbled over k mart and landed on target.

Yo mama so fat and stupid she thought the VCR was a pager

Ya mama so poor, she had to eat cereal with a fork to save milk.

your mommas sooo fat….. she walked into a bar during happy hour and got a group discount

Yo Mamma is so ugly, that she walked into a haunted house, and left with a job application

Yo mama is so poor,that she goes to KFC…to lick other peoples fingers!!!.

Yo mama is so fat that when she goes to KFC,she orders the bucket thats on the pole!!!!.

Yo mama is so ugly that every dog she has ever had has taken out a restraining order out on her.

Yo Mama is so fat when she went to school she sat next to everyone.

Yo mamma so fat, shes got more rolls than a bakery!

Yo mamas so ugly that her mom had to tie a pork chop around her neck to get the dog to play with her.

Yo mama is so fat she irons her pants on the driveway.

Yo mamas like a door nob, everyone gets a turn.

Yo mama is like a McDonalds, open 24 hours and over 23 billion served.

Yo mama is so fat it takes 2 planes and a bus to get on the her good side.

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