Confession of the 80-year-old Man

An 80-year-old man walks into a church and goes straight into the
confessional. There he hears a voice, Yes my son? Tell me your sins.

Well, Father, says the old man. I had sexual relations with a 17-year-old

Hmmm, says the Priest. Well, given todays lifestyles, and the fact that
people are having sex at a younger age these days, Im not too surprised.

But Father, Im 80 years old, says the man.

80 years old! And she is 17?! My goodness, well I guess things really have
changed these days. Just say 3 Hail Marys and 4 Our Fathers, and your sins
will be forgiven, replies the Priest.

I cant do that, Father, you see, Im Jewish!

Youre Jewish? Then why did you come in here to tell me this? asks the

Because Father, Im telling everybody!

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