Cross-eyed cow

This farmer has a cross-eyed cow that keeps bumping into things. He calls up to vet to try to remedy the problem.

The vet says. I think the best thing is to stick a pipe up his ass and blow real hard and the cows eyes will straighten out. The vet – a 70 year old man – inserts the pipe and blows. The cows eyes begin to straighten, but the vet soon looses his breath and the cows eyes are crossed again. The vet gives it another try, but looses his breath again. The vet looks at the farmer – a young healthy man – and says, you look like a strong man, why dont you give it a try.

The farmer agrees. He then takes the pipe out of the cows ass, turns it around, and sticks it back in. He then begins to blow.

Holy smokes, says the vet. What in the hell did you do that for.

The farmer replies, You dont think I am gonna put my mouth on the same end of the pipe that you had your on.

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