Doing the McNamara (a lampoon)

In the 22 May 1995 issue of The New Yorker (Price $2.50) there are five book review lampoons written by Christopher Buckley called Doing the McNamara (p. 100). All five are satirically sick. Here is an example:

Fluoridation Reconsidered

General Jack D. Ripper

Whoops Publishers, $18.95 (192p)

General Ripper is probably best known for destroying the world. In 1964, he ordered a wing of B-52 bombers to attack the Soviet Union, triggering the Soviets Doomsday Machine, which blanketed the world with fallout. His decision to start the Third World War was prompted by what he now candidly calls his paranoia in thinking that fluoridation of drinking water was a Communist plot to make him impotent. Ripper now reveals that hes spent the last thirty-one years undergoing some pretty hairy counselling, and that the therapy has allowed him to do something he never could before – cry. I now realize that tears are the most precious bodily fluid of all.

First printing 250,000.

Film rights to Stanley Kubrick.

Author tour.

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