Dont mess with Texas

Letter to the DENTON RECORD CHRONICLE from Dwight Crawford Sr.of Sanger, Texas:


I get a big laugh at the dialogue of Osama bin Laden, the Taliban, politicians, and the news media. They say terrorists will hit us again in the oncoming weeks and months. What a joke! You have a better chance of getting killed on Interstate 35E than by a terrorist.

Osama has probably seen 100 degree plus summers in Afghanistan, but he doesnt have fire ants to go with it. If he did, he wouldnt be sleeping on the ground in his cave. He talks of pain and suffering he is going to inflict on us. He doesnt know what pain is until he gets kicked by a green broke, two year old colt in a freezing rain.

Germ warfare? Texas ticks will give you Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and Lime disease, blister beetles kill your horse, green bugs destroy a wheat crop, and termites eat your house. Anthrax has killed Texas cattle for over 125 years. Whats new? Our prairie dogs carry the plague, armadillos carry leprosy, and our bats and skunks carry rabies. We have rattlesnakes, copperheads, and water moccasins. Ho hum.

They talk of gas and biological warfare. They have never pulled in behind a cattle truck while its raining, or ridden in the front seat of a pick-up between two cowboys after they have just eaten a big bowl of Texas Red Beans.

Texas aint for sissies! We have posted signs all over the state that say Dont mess with Texas! Osama, consider yourself warned!

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