Dot Lettle Fur Cap – Christmas (risque)

Der next night vas Christmas
Der night it vas still
Der stockings ver hung
By der shimney to fill.

Nothing vas sturring
At all in der Haus
For fear dot St. Nicklaus
Vos nichts komm heraus.

Der shuldren vas tucked
Away in der betts
And Mama in her nacht gown
And I on ahead

Vas searching around
In her trunk for der toys
Ve krept round quiet
To not make der noise.

Now Mama was carrying
Der toys in her gown
Showing her person
Von up her vaist down.

Wenn as ve komm near
Der crib uff our boy
Our youngest, our sweetest
Our pride und our joy.

His eyes opened vider
As he peeked from his cot
And seen everything
Dot his Mutter has got.

But he didnt take notice
Der toys in her lap
But chust asked
For who is dot lettle fur cap?

His mudder said Hush!
And she laught mit delight
I tink I give dot
To your Poppa tonight!

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