Dr. Suess on Clinton

Mr. Starr:

I am Starr, Star I are.

Im a brilliant barri-star.

Im here to ask, as youll soon see,

Did you grope Miss Lew-in-ski?

Did you grope her in your house?

Did you grope beneath her blouse?

Did she give you gifts and ties?

Were you spied by prying eyes?

Mr. Clinton:

I did not do that here or there!

I did not do that anywhere!

I did not do that in a chair!

I went not near her giant hair!

I did not join — even for fun —

The Mile High Club in Air Force One.

So stow your feathers and your tar.

I did not do her, Starr you are!

Mr. Starr:

Did you smile? Did you flirt?

Did you peek beneath her skirt?

And did you tell the girl to lie

When called upon to testify?

Mr. Clinton:

That is it; youve gone too far!

I do not like you, Starr you are!

I will not answer any more;

In fact, I think Ill start a war!

The publics easy to distract,

When bombs are falling on Iraq!

Mr. Starr:

Mr. President, confess, did you make a sticky mess?

A mess on Miss Lewinskis dress?

A mess she holds so near and dear

She saved it as a souvenir?

And may I take a cell or two from you

And prove that one and one makes two?

Mr. Clinton:

I do not like this, Starr you are,

And I admit you went too far

And I did things with sweet Miss L.

Too inappropriate to tell.

A valiant battle we have fought,

Apologies are what you sought,

Im very sorry I got caught!

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