Dumb robber or a clever prank

A true urban legend:

A husband of a friend (yes, I know it sounds like one of THOSE sort of stories) went to a local bank to make a withdrawal. Its one of those banks where you take a form, fill it in and stand in line.

While waiting in line, he casually flipped the withdrawal form over and noticed that someone had written on the back of it I HAVE A GUN : GIVE ME ALL YOUR MONEY. Not wanting to lose his place in the queue, he waited till he got to the teller and said Look, some idiot has written on the back of this form.

The teller, not listening, saw the writing and hit the panic button. Alarms rang, cops appeared, the guy was cuffed and taken to a back room and interviewed for a few hours.

At 10oclock at night, his wife finally found out where he was (he went to the bank at mid-day) and he was released only after several well-respected friends testified as to his character.

But before he left the cops checked the pile of withdrawal slips in the bank and found that about half of them had similar messages on the back.

Evidently some prankster had done so for a joke.

So, the next time you go to the bank, check the back of the forms first … (or else write on them, put them back in teh pile and wait for the fun to start …)

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