Engineers Wont Say This…

1. Debug code developed 4 years ago for a rush project with absolutely no documentation? Love to!

2. More documentation? Love to!

3. Why would anyone who spends every day of the week working on a computer want to spend any of their free time playing computer games?

4. Join in a Quake game? No thanks, Im leaving early to spend some quality time with my friends and family.

5. Please – not pizza again.

6. Who wrote this? Ive never seen such clean code! It should take me no time at all to debug it.

7. Im really more of a morning person myself.

8. Id really like to work in a big corporate environment where I can wear all of my favorite ties.

9. Microsoft – all the tools and support youll ever need.

10. I really dont know the answer to that question.

11. From a network guy – No Im sure its not an application issue – I probably just havent segmented the LAN correctly – Ill get right on that.

12. From a developer – I have complete confidence in the network so why dont I just take a look at my code.

13. Its too simple, need more tables.

14. This field name is too descriptive, we love mystery here.

15. Please let me copy those 800MB source files over the network with my 32MB of RAM machine.

16. Yeah, give administrator permissions to EVERYBODY.

17. It will be done before deadline, under budget and with the extra features you wanted.

18. Oh, wow, more reports!!! WooHoo!!!

19. Data integrity?!?!? we dont need no stinkin data integrity.

20. Go ahead, put that zip code in the Street name field.

21. We can always manually correct all those bad entries.

22. Theres no real difference between Text Strings and Numbers, its all zeros and ones after all…

23. Hey! I met the deadline! Woohoo!

24. Please let me wear a shirt and tie to work… I hate flip-flops.

25. Can you make a last minute change to the data structure. I like pressure.

26. Hey, call Microsoft! I bet they have the answer!

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