Erap joke

Background: The Vice-President of the Philippines, Joseph Estrada (Erap for short), has a reputation for being …err… how shall I put it? Well… STUPID! Much like Dan Quayles reputation, I believe. The bad part is Erap was elected into office. Heres a sample Erap joke.

Vice-President Joseph Erap Estrada was invited to speak before an annual gathering of the Philippine Olympic Committee. Having no speech prepared for the event, he asked his aide to prepare one for him. Without reading it beforehand, he goes to the podium with his speech in hand and addresses the audience:

Good evening, he pauses for a while, staring at his speech with a bewildered face.

Ooouu… uuuoooO… ahem… ahem… OwwoooOwowwooh… Ohh… Ohhh… oooouuooouooo…, he struggles at his speech as his aide rushes to his side on stage.

Im having trouble reading this part, Erap whispers to him.

His aide looks at the speech for a moment then whispers to his ear, Sir, thats the olympic logo.

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