Ethnic Fish

A group of biologists got together in hopes of producing an untimate sport fish. The decided to cross-breed a coho salmon, a walleye pike and a musky. After years of experimenting they finally produced one egg which hatched a newly invented fish. Success they began yelling while congradulating each other. Wait one of the scientists statee> What will we call this fish? They all got together in at attempt to pool their minds and come up with a meaningful name. The lead person the the group stated, lets see, we had a coho, a walleye and a musky; well take part of each of those names to come up with a name for this new breed. He continued, co for coho, wall for walleye and skI for musky. Thats it……..KOWALSKI. He gently picked up the fish and palced it in an aquarium. Kowalski sunk to the bottom and drowned.

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