Fishin Secrets

An ice fisherman was sitting with his line in a hole in the ice, but he wasnt having any luck. Two hours passed and not a nibble. A kid, maybe 7 or 8 years old approached, cut his own hole in the ice, and without a word, dropped his line and immediately began to pull in some of the largest fish the man had ever seen.

Flabbergasted, the man overcame his curiosity, and asked the lad: What was his secret?

The kid said, Wrroo wrahhh rahh eeh ahh wrr wrr… The man wasnt sure if the kid even spoke english, and repeated his question. Again the kid said,Wrroo wrahhh rahh eeh ahh wrr wrr…

0ne more time,son. What was it you said? The kid looks at the man, spits the contents of his mouth into the palm of his hand, and says: YOU HAVE TO KEEP THE WORMS WARM!

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