Free Drinks in Idaho

A man from Idaho goes to New York City, on business, for the first time. After checking in to the hotel he goes down to the bar to have a drink. He orders a rum and coke. The bartender gives it to him and says, That will be eight dollars.

He give the bartender the money and says, Man, everything is so expensive here in New York!

The bartender replies, It cant be that much more than where you live.

The man replies, Oh yes, it is! Why do you know that, in my home town, you can go out drinking all night for nothing! And if you feel youve had too much to drink. You can check into the finest hotel and spend the night for nothing! And not only that, when you wake up there is a twenty dollar bill on the pillow next to you!

The incredulous bartender says, I find that very hard to believe. Has that ever really happened to you?

The guy replies, Well no, not exactly…but it happens to my wife all the time!

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