Friggem Young

A few years ago, the U of Utah newspaper starting printing BYU co-ed
jokes. They have gotten quite complex lately, but most cover the
ideas that BYU co-eds are large, ugly, starved for dates, and looking
for husbands [it is said that most BYU girls go there to get their
MRS degree 🙂 ]. Examples:

A BYUG was walking beside the road and nobody would stop for her. She
decided she would have better luck if she took her clothes off. This
turned out to be a bad idea; several minutes later a motorcycle gang
passed on the highway. They dragged her off into a canyon at the side
of the road and gang-dressed her.

Did you hear about the man who swerved to miss a BYUG in the street
last week and didnt make it? He ran out of gas.

Did you hear about the new BYUG doll? You put a ring on her finger
and her hips expand.


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