Frog in a bank

A frog walks into his local bank and walks up to the counter.

I would like a loan of £30,000 please. he asks the clerk, whose name is Patrick Whack. Thirty thousand pounds? Thats a lot of money, you know. says Paddy, Youll need a collateral for that amount of money.

Thats okay, says the frog, I have this. And he pulls out of his pocket a tiny pink ceramic elephant. Whats this? I cant accept this as collateral. Dont worry, says the frog, I know the manager, hes a good friend of mine. Tell him his friend Kermit Jagger is here.

Paddy gets up from his chair and goes to the managers office, taking the little pink elephant with him. He shows it to the manager and says Theres a frog out there says he knows you, his name is Kermit Jagger. He want to borrow £30,

000… he gave this as collateral… what on earth is it?

The manager takes the little elephant, studies it for a second and says… Its a nick-nack Paddy Whack, give the frog a loan, his old mans a Rolling Stone.

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