From Reuters Online 1/26/97

(taken from http://www.yahoo.com/headlines/970126/news/stories/china_1.html

>Sunday January 26 6:52 AM EST
>China Gives Reporters New Reporting Rules
>BEIJING (Reuter) – China tightened its grip on the media on Sunday with
>directives on how to write news, ordering journalists not to advocate
>sex, violence and superstition and to fill their reports with
>patriotism and socialism.

Heres an example of how this works:

In the news, there were no crimes of sex, violence and superstition in
China today. At approximately 9:19 PM last night, however, Beijing
residents reported hearing screams of patriotism and socialism coming
from Tienamien square as army tanks rumbled through to quell a domestic
game of Mah Jhong, the national game and a favorite past time of many
happy patriotic, socialist residents.

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