From the Say What? file

From the Say What? file — true story: Im taking two classes
this semester, one of which is Public Policy. Our professor is an
adjunct; nice lady, tries too hard. Anyway, a few weeks ago, were
covering a chapter on environmental politics, and she casts an
overhead with facts and figures on some of the more powerful
environmental lobbying groups. Among them is the Audubon Society.
If you do not know what the Audubon Society is, then stop reading.

So one of the students asks, What is the Audubon Society? (Bird
watchers, if you ignored my previous instructions.) To which the
professor replies:

I dont know, I think its a group to protect that road in

It hits me like a spear. She did not just say that, did she? I
think to myself. I look up — and shes serious.

Thats Auto-BAHN, not Audubon! I reply, only to be drowned out by
the chorus of students in the back who are either laughing or
yelling, Birds! Birds!

What? she says.

I reply, Its a group organized for the protection of birds.

She stays silent for a moment, then responds, Well, what kind of
bird is an audubon, is it a spotted owl or something?

I swear to God — true story.

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