Fun with wind patterns

Fancy company has a party and rents the restaurant at the top of the World Trade Center. Late in the evening, somebody notices a wallflower standing by himself by an open window. He walks over. Guy: Hi! Keeping to yourself? Wallflower: Oh, hi. No, Im just examining the wind patterns here. I think I have them figured out. If I took a running jump out there, I believe that the updraft would lift me back up and eventually deliver me back here. Guy: Eh, can I get you a drink? Would you like to come back to the bar? Wallflower: No. Ive made the calculations, so I have to try it! Before the guy can stop him, the wallflower takes a running leap out of the 112th floor window. Guy gapes out, and sees wallflower hovering in the updraft, then slowly rising back up to be deposited in the window again. Wallflower: Ill take that drink now, if you dont mind. Guy: That was freakin amazing! Think I could do it? Wallflower: Sure. Just run at it quickly so you get about fifteen feet out, and youll be back here in no time. Guy slugs away at his bourbon, then launches himself out the window.
Several seconds go by before the inevitable, quiet splat. The bartender comes over, picks up the empty glasses, says: You wanna know something? You are one mean drunk, Superman…

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