Funnier Frog loan Joke

One day a frog went to the teller at the bank. The frog noticed that the nametag on the tellers shirt red Pat Whack. The teller asks who he is. The frog says he is McJaggerts son. The frog said he like to take out a $10,000 loan. She replied, that is alot of money, what have you got for collateral? The frog handed her a little plastic pig. Pat whack asks the frog what is. The frog said, I dont know. Pat Whack goes to talk to her manager. Pat Whack said to her manager a frog wants to take out a loan for $10,000 and use this as collateral. What is this? Her manager replies its a nic-nac patty whack give the frog a loan, his old mans a rolling stone!

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