Getting ahead?

Percival Beauregard and Billy-Bob Brown were equally wealthy and were next-door neighbors. Percival was suave, sophisticated, aristocratic and Billy-Bob was common as dirt.

However, he was well aware of his shortcomings, kept a close eye on Percival and was determined not to be outdone in any way.

When he found out the name of Percivals tailor, he had his suits made there too. He soon became a member of Percivals exclusive country-club, installed an identical electronically controlled pool, bought the same type of Rolls-Royce Percival drove and had the same kind of car-phone installed.

After watching for several months, he was satisfied there wasnt anything Percival had that he didnt have too.

Cruising along in his Rolls, he spotted Percival driving in the lane ahead of him. Anxious to let Percival know he wasnt being outdone, Billy-Bob dialed his number and began chatting with him.

Suddenly, Percival interrupted him and said, Billy-Bob, would you mind holding on for a minute … my other phone is ringing.

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